100t Gantry Cranes Utilized for Casting of Precast U Beam for Bridge Construction.


The contractors consider its more economical to cast the beams near the construction sites. This will reduce the down time and money spent in transportation. To keep the investment low, gantry crane fits the purpose. The gantry cranes can be dismantled and used for other projects.

Crane Specification

    • Capacity: 100t (50t+50t)
    • Span: 24m
    • Height of lift:10m
    • Travel length:250m
    • Air-conditioned operator cabin: to have a bird’s eye view while manoeuvring the product with safety.
    • Motorized cable reel drum

Requirement at site

    • Precast beam weight: 80t
    • Length: 20m

Our client was looking for a reliable partner for supply & installation of double girder gantry crane for their casting yard. Our technical Sales team from ACE cranes designed a gantry crane using 2 ABUS hoists of 50 ton each with tandem operation of 2 hoists using Hetronic Radio Remote Control System. In this way, the two hoists can work together to move the concrete girders and also runs independently if needed. Air Condition Operator Cabin fixed to the Crane was also supplied along with the Gantry Crane to allow comfortable operation and correct visibility from his seat, so that the operator can control all the manoeuvres from his work station, without having to place himself in a position of risk..

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Ace Cranes used in one of the largest Aluminium Smelters

Design, Manufacture, Supply Install, testing and commission of :

  • 10+10t – 4 Nos Potroom construction crane
  • 20+20t – 4 Nos Potroom construction crane.
  • 30t+30t – 2 Nos Potroom construction crane.
  • 10+10t – 2 Nos PTM Maintenance shop construction crane.
  • 6t hoist -1 Nos cathode Sealing Service Crane.
  • Span: 24m Height of lift: 9.56m

Cranes were used during the construction phase of the Potrooms handling potshells, busbars and superstructures. Power for crane operation was from crane mounted diesel generators as no permanent power supply systems installed at that time. On completion of the Construction, cranes were removed, modified as required and relocated for use in other operational areas of the Smelter, Ace Crane Systems also supplied 28 additional ABUS cranes to Emirates Aluminium, with capacities from 2.5tonnes up to 30tonnes, for operation in workshops, stores and plant maintenance areas, Ace Engineering provided complete on-site service support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the duration of the Construction period.

Abus cranes used in aluminium smelter

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Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY

A strong reason for choosing ABUS as a supplier, was that they realized that ABUS cranes are the most reliable and service-friendly cranes in the market, according to their own maintenance staff. The paper mill machine supplier from Sweden selected ABUS as they have a very good experience working with ABUS cranes in their previous projects in the Middle East. Ace Cranes , authorized representatives of ABUS cranes Germany in the Middle east region supplied and installed 4 EOT cranes. The Overhead crane 9t + 9t was supplied with a Motorized rotating spreader beam 14.0 ton x 5980 mm span for positioning of Paper Reel Spools on the Paper Mill Machines.

Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY
Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY
Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY
Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY
Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY

Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi selects ABUS again – THE BEST IN TERMS OF QUALIITY2021-05-11T14:50:18+00:00

How Ace Group is coping up in the COVID-19 times

    • We want to let you know and reassure you that we are doing everything we can to continue to deliver our services and operate to the best of our ability during this difficult time.
    • We are closely monitoring the advice given by the UAE Government, World Health Organisation and other agencies and the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers is our top priority.
    • We are taking all the necessary, practical and sensible steps to provide healthy work environments both at our own premises and for our site engineers at our customers facilities.
    • Our service team is completely operational attending all breakdown, erection and mounting of cranes.
    • Service team is also busy with refurbishment and Annual Maintenance contract since the workflow has slowed down.
    • Our project department and Sales Department are working from home and are constantly in touch with customers via emails, phone calls and Video conference calls. We ensure to continue fast response time.
    • Regarding crane components from ABUS – here is the official information updated in their website— https://www.abuscranes.com/corona
    • Since Girder manufacturing and crane installation is in-house our projects are not endangered.
    • We have increase our spare parts stock in order to ensure our commitment towards all our customers.

Our thoughts go to all of those affected by the outbreak and we are ready to support as best we can.

Stay safe & Well!

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Big Start For 2020


We are delighted to inform that we started this year with manufacturing and installation of 2 Nos of 16t x 25m +10m cantilever 10m HOL Gantry cranes. These cranes are the back bone of a precast manufacturing facility to build 5000 new Villas in Saudi Arabia.

In the picture above, you can see the Load testing was performed at the cantilever region as well. Please feel free to contact the undersigned in case you have any similar requirement.

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Safeguard Your Facility From Risk Of Explosions

ITALKRANE S.R.L was born with the aim to design, produce and sell material lifting equipment of any size, capacity and type with the SPECIALITY been EXPLOSION PROOFING OF OUR EQUIPMENTS FOR ZONES 1 & 2.
Established in 1962, Italkrane is continuing to rise on the international markets thanks to its versatility, flexibility and up-to-date technology, thus gradually gained its status as a leader manufacturer of important equipment.
  • Bridge cranes, gantry cranes, wire-rope and chain electric hoists represent the main products.
  • Constructive design of all kinds and loading capacity up to 320 t for cranes and 32 t for hoists are the expression of our creativity and potential.
  • We particularly highlight our vocation and experience in the construction of explosion-proof equipment, fit for the installation in petrochemical plants having potentially explosive atmosphere: refineries, LNG plants, off-shore platforms, fertilizers plants.
  • Our activities are governed by our quality system in compliance with the standard ISO 9001, certified by ICIM since 1995 & ATEX.
  • Cooperation with our customers and a timely after-sale service are guarantee of the good running of all our equipment in any part of the world.
Safeguard Your Facility From Risk Of Explosions2021-05-11T15:04:16+00:00

Stay Committed…


There is a  thought behind each idea—– customers who are committed to their target always  plan to save time during machine breakdown.

This is for one of world leading plastic packaging industry who requested for a crane in a very confined space to maintain their machinery.

  • Ace cranes provided  customized solution: 2t  x 5m span under slung crane with 4m cantilever on both sides with hook height of 18m.
  • The cantilever area is used to offload the machine part on to a truck for further repair.
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Goliath Crane for Ship Building Industry

Goliath Cranes in UAE

Ace Crane Systems LLC  supplies Goliath Cranes suitable for ship building industry, which requires extensive capacities, spans and height of lifts. Two of such cranes installed in Abu Dhabi are shown above. There is limitation on the crane size for Ace Crane Systems. SKY IS THE LIMIT.


  • Giant crane of 50/10 x 22m span x 25m HOL
  • 50/10 x 26m span x 25m HOL
Goliath Crane for Ship Building Industry2020-07-02T13:40:27+00:00


Crane in Modular mobile workshop
Crane in Modular mobile workshop

One of the smallest crane we would have manufactured till date but serves the purpose in the middle of the nowhere.

    Picture says it all.
  • Its key feature is its mobility. It can be transported easily on standard trailer.
  • Crane can travel outside the container for loading and offloading purpose.
  • Up to 5 ton capacity with 2 meter span.
  • Hydraulic operated retractable long travel beams
  • Self-sufficient workshop with inbuilt power supply to room, office and welfare facility.

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