Hand Spurgear Winches. Manibox GR 150 kg to 2.75 t

Position: on the flat or wall-mounted (up to 750 kg)

  • Industry
  • Theatre applications (sceneries…)
  • Water treatment, water retentions
  • Transport: trailers, barges
  • Sports rooms
  • Suspensions
Technical properties
  • Mechanical parts machined and protected by cataphoresis
  • Stainless steel ratchet spring
  • Straight-cut gears
  • Automatic brake made of composite materials
  • Reduction system fully protected by a metal or plastic hood providing absolute safety.
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Electric Winches TRB 250 to 960 kg

Compact electric winches for lifting and pulling – DC low voltage control (BT) with 1 speed or speed variator (VARIOTREUIL ®)

Multifunctional electric winch offering many possibilities and options, making it particularly renowned. The TRBs are rugged and proven winches benefiting from a high operating factor. Many rope attachments and output options make these winches ideal for every job.

  • Industry
  • Building and public works; Integration into many types of devices, machines, cranes, etc.
  • Theatre applications; Two-way systems for pulling small wagons and cars
  • Installation and extraction of parts in ovens; Suspensions; Boat haulage; Doors lifting – Traps opening
  • Material lifts; Swimming pool roofs; Hangar, furnace, grain store doors

Technical properties

The low voltage control protects the user from electrical failures. It makes it possible to operate a wide range of options: from limit switch to radio-control and including a load limiter and rope slack switch.

  • Machined and welded drum and aluminum housing
  • Seal grease-bath helical reduction gearing
  • 230 V-50Hz lifting type single-phase motor Start capacitor. Class F. IP 55 protection.
  • 24 V DC electromagnetic brake P = 24 W; 230/400 V 50 Hz 3-phase lifting type motor IP 55 protection
  • Disconnecting control box
  • Control cable 3 m long
  • Lenghtened drum models: standard rope capacity
  • x 1.5
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Te-Serie Electric Winches 600 kg to 10 t

Electric winches up to 10 tons for lifting or pulling – Models with 1 speed or frequency variator models

A range of electric winches designed for every lifting or pulling / haulage application up to 7.5 tons standard. Ruggedness and large winding capacity allowing them to address a wide range of uses.
The chassis is particularly rational allowing every adaptation to your specific needs: length of drum to order (options), rope slack and rope pressure roller easily adjustable. Possibility of vertical mounting.

  • Industry
  • Public works. Bridges construction; Railways: wagon or train haulage; Pulling heavy loads
  • Conveyor belt tensioning; High-rise building sites; Freight elevators

Technical properties

  • 1 or 2 speed 3 phase 230/400 V 50 Hz motor. IP 54 protection
  • Sealed electrical unit, DC low voltage type, including:contractors
  • 24 V transformers; Thermal circuit breaker
  • Disconnecting control box with 3 m of cable


  • Bronze wheel and wormgear in oil bath for models between 600 and 1500 kg,
  • Taper couple and straight-cut gears for models between 2000 and 10000 kg,
  • Secondary reducer for gears under cover
  • For pulling: manually releasable drum when unloaded
  • 3 drum lengths to choose from.
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Air Winches Type TRBPN 500 and 800 kg

Air winches for lifting or pulling
  • All the applications for which electricity cannot be used:
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries; Offshore; Marine; Bridge building; Agro-food; Mines

Technical properties

  • Flexible use,Variable speed & Smooth starting
  • Resists dust, steam, damp, heat
  • Long life duration; Operating factor 100%; Air pressure: 6 bars
  • Reduced maintenance costs, with no additional air lubricant required
  • Self lubricating vane motor with integrated brake; High rope capacities
  • Easy to operate, with a fully variable speed control at the winch or bronze or plastic pendant controls
  • Explosion proof

Lightweight aluminium castings make this series mobile, ideal for multiple applications. Can also be supplied with an optional travel limit switch. Helical gear grease bath reducer.

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Personnel lifting
  • Visits, inspections, access to:
  • Silos; Treatment plant pits; Bridge piers
  • Underground networks, sewers

Technical properties

  • Equipment offering all the safety needed for lifting personnel and approved by APAVE (Official french safety controls organization)
  • Galvanized steel, high-strength anti-spin ropes; Breaking load: 1600 kg on each rope
  • 3-phase electric power supply 230 or 400 V – 50 Hz
  • Motor power: 0.75 kW;Working height: 25 or 50 m
  • Certificate of CE examination type 2006/42/EC.
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Site lifting Portable site lifting
  • Light work: maintenance, upkeep, repairs, fitting, installations, small sites, agriculture, first aid, etc.
  • Leisure: mechanised gardening, quads, DiY, etc.

Technical properties

  • Can be used with all screwdrivers, cordless or not.
  • Easy to set up: suspension hook.
  • Small size,Light,Work in all positions,300 kg capacity.
  • Unlimited cable length in traction, 50 m for lifting (beyond 12 m, loss of 10% of lifting force per 10 m section).
  • Automatic load maintenance system (patented selfbraking brake reducer).
  • Weight: 7.5 kg (with 12 m cable and hook)
  • Supplied as standard with 12 m cable (aviation type ø 4.76 mm galvanized steel cable)
  • Complete kit: case, winch, drill, charger, sling and shackles, available.
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CT4 – Tripod with Manibox GR Winch

Site lifting Portable site lifting

Technical properties

  • The CT4 also has the advantage of being fitted with a fixing plate on a double post providing the means for fitting manual or electric winches and can thus lift loads of 300 to 800 kg.
  • Hand winch : 500 and 1000 kg (hand spur gears winch, rope length of 18 and 30 m, depending model)
  • TRB : 300 to 800 kg (very sturdy multifunction electric winch, with cable capacity of 50 to 85 m depending on model).
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