Crane Accessories


Cable Reeling Drums

Multi-layer or monospiral cable reels mounted on cranes for supplying power to gantry cranes or mounted on hoist trolley to provide power and control to hook mounted grabs or attachments

Motorised or spring operated drums available for all applications. High temperature cable drums available for steel mills and foundries. Crane Accessories


Load Measurement System

Use of load sensors built in to the hoist allows measurement of load on the hook without loss of lifting height. Load can be indicated on a display in the pendant or on a large bridge-mounted display.


Coil Handling

Balanced C-hook or electro-mechanical coil grabs for handling steel or aluminium coils efficiently. Powered rotation and additional safety features available

Grab Buckets

Grab Buckets

Rope operated or electro-hydraulic grabs for handling bulk materials, scrap, excavation spoil, waste products and sand.


Spreader Beam

Wide range of designs and capacities up to 150t for use on single crane for handling long loads or on two cranes for tandem operation lifting heavier loads. Magnet and vacuum spreader beams available for handling steel plate, glass, pre-cast sections and pipes.


Lifting Magnets

Battery operated units or permanent magnet type for handling plates, sections and scrap. Expert advise on selection available.


Festoon Cable Systems

For power supply and control to hoists, cranes and other travelling machinery using C-track, cable trolleys and flatform cables. Sizes dependent on application. Stainless steel and explosion-proof systems available for aggressive environments


Control Pendants

Pendants for operation of all crane functions with additional buttons, selector switches for operation of grabs, magnets or selection of hoist for tandem operation. Explosion proof versions available.


Radio Remote Controls

Hetronic radio remote control for use with all types of mobile machines including cranes, concrete pourers, truck mounted cranes and moving vehicles.

power conductor systems

Power Conductor Systems

Single bar or multi-pole systems up to 1000amps. Conductor material and protective enclosure selected according to the application and motor sizes. Curved systems also available. And other crane acessories also available