<title>Goliath And Gantry Cranes</title>

Goliath/Gantry Cranes

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single Girder Goliath Cranes

  • Load capacity: up to 25t SWL
  • Span: up to 36 m
  • wide range of girder connection versions for optimum adaptation for  individual applications
  • very high hook positions possible.
  • With/Without Cantilevers
  • Indoors/Outdoors application
  • Railless travel machineries available for some capacities.
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Double Girder Goliath Cranes

  • Load capacity: up to 200 t SWL
  • Span: up to 60m
  • Easy to install accessories like service platforms or crab units with walkways
  • Indoor/outdoor applications
  • High cross and high travel speeds possible
  • With/Without Cantilevers
  •  Available with crane mounted diesel generators
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Light Mobile Gantry Cranes

  • Load capacity: up to 5t SWL
  • Span: up to 6 m
  • Models with adjustable spans and heights available
  • Lightweight aluminium models available
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