Special Purpose Cranes

Cranes in Steel Mills3

Steel Mill Cranes

Steel rolling mills and melt shops demand cranes suitable for the most arduous of environments with high ambient temperatures, dusty atmosphere and presence of corrosive gases.  Cranes are critical to the production process so high levels of reliability are essential. To maintain high levels of productivity, cranes must be designed to operate safely at fast speeds.

Cranes handling molten metal must also be designed for maximum safety with additional brakes for emergency use and in some cases a second load train ie gearbox, motor, rope assembly etc. is required. For applications using magnets, lifting beams and tongs, the controls need to be protected against inadvertent operation.

Ace Crane have an association with European crane manufacturers specializing in Steel handling and will provide complete service from Technical Assistance through crane manufacture to commissioning. We will provide high quality products with complete integrity at a competitive price with the benefit of local service and spares availability.

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Cranes in pre cast concrete5

Precast Cranes

Todays pre-cast concrete factories employ high levels of automation to ensure their competitiveness. The cranes must be designed to achieve minimum operating cycle times, intensive use 24 hours per day with minimum downtime. Cranes must be suitable for handling the cast products which may vary widely in shape and size.

Ace Crane Systems will consider all aspects including targeted output for the factory, loads to be handled and material routing through the process, in order to recommend the optimum crane specification and design.

Fast hoisting speeds and higher duty ratings are preferred for this application.  Cranes with two hoists which can be operated independently or in tandem are commonly used for handling longer pre-cast sections.

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Cranes in Steel Fabrication9

Galvanising Duty Cranes

Galvanising Plants are the most unfriendly environment for machinery and, in particular, for cranes which travel over the process tanks where chemicals and heat are strongest.  In addition to being designed for intensive use, cranes in galvanising plants need special protective coatings on structures and electro-mechanical components. Special cables suitable for acidic environments are necessary

With our extensive experience in this industry, we can provide tailored cranes which will be safe and reliable in service with low running costs.

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Gantry Crane Ace Crane Dubai6

Magnet Cranes

Magnets are used extensively in steel  factories, shipyards, scrap stores, rolling mills and rebar factories.  Cranes fitted with magnets are subjected to higher stresses due to shock loading and instantaneous release of loads . Magnet cranes must also be designed to withstand side pulling of the loads.

Ace Crane will provide higher duty cranes with hoist ropes and drums specifically designed for magnet use.  For handling longer loads with multiple magnets fitted under a spreader beam,  the cranes may require a twin hook arrangement and a slewing mechanism on the hoist trolley , as an additional feature to suit the process requirements.

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Tunnelling Cranes Ace Cranes Dubai2

Muck Handling Cranes

Construction of deep tunnels for underground transport, drainage and sewerage recycling often demands cranes over access shafts, up to 120m deep, to remove excavated material and to lower concrete tunnel ling segments.

In this case, Cranes need very fast hoist speeds to maintain the pace of excavation and tunnel construction, and motors which are rated for operating at high load for  long continuous periods.

Ace Crane can supply complete turnkey packages including cranes, spoil skips, crane rails and vacuum handling systems for concrete segments.

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Double Girder Crane Ace Cranes Dubai

Aluminium Smelter Cranes

High volume aluminium smelters producing in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of aluminium per year require cranes in all process areas including potrooms, casthouses and kiln areas. Cranes are also used in many areas used for maintenance of the aluminium making plant such as crucibles, cathodes, pots and metal handling vehicles.

Each area of the Smelter has its own factors to be considered. High magnetic forces and electric currents in the Potrooms, high ambient temperatures in the Kiln areas and heavy duty operation handling molten metal in the Casthouses.

Ace Crane have been involved with aluminium smelter cranes for more than 20 years and our experience enables us to provide expert advice in all areas to ensure cranes are correctly specified.

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Double Girder Crane Ace Cranes Dubai

Turbine Handling Cranes

Ace Crane are a leading supplier of turbine handling cranes in the Middle East with capacities up to 230t. Clients include SEC, DEWA, FEWA and Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water.  Cranes for this application will use  state of the art programmable drives and radio remote control systems to enable crane operator to accurately locate the turbines.

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