The contractors consider its more economical to cast the beams near the construction sites. This will reduce the down time and money spent in transportation. To keep the investment low, gantry crane fits the purpose. The gantry cranes can be dismantled and used for other projects.

Crane Specification

    • Capacity: 100t (50t+50t)
    • Span: 24m
    • Height of lift:10m
    • Travel length:250m
    • Air-conditioned operator cabin: to have a bird’s eye view while manoeuvring the product with safety.
    • Motorized cable reel drum

Requirement at site

    • Precast beam weight: 80t
    • Length: 20m

Our client was looking for a reliable partner for supply & installation of double girder gantry crane for their casting yard. Our technical Sales team from ACE cranes designed a gantry crane using 2 ABUS hoists of 50 ton each with tandem operation of 2 hoists using Hetronic Radio Remote Control System. In this way, the two hoists can work together to move the concrete girders and also runs independently if needed. Air Condition Operator Cabin fixed to the Crane was also supplied along with the Gantry Crane to allow comfortable operation and correct visibility from his seat, so that the operator can control all the manoeuvres from his work station, without having to place himself in a position of risk..